Cute Wildlife Animal Balloon Bundle Set

Cute Wildlife Animal Balloon Bundle Set

Model: CYB- Wildlife Bundle

Starting at: $47.90
Supershape Balloon Bundle Set include:

1pcs Animal Super shape > and choose your desire animal.

Each side bouquet consist : 2 Fashion / 1 Chrome / 2 Marble

Choose your Fashion color > Chrome Color > and Marble Color.

Price include helium gas inflation, arrangement and attach with weight.

Bouquet height approximetely 1.6 metre and adjustable to 1.8 metre.
*NOTE: Design A (Lion) & Design B ( Tiger) is out of stock.

How to order

(1) Select 1 Super Shape Design > Option to add 1 more Super Shape Balloon at special price.

Creating 1 pair of bouquet.
(You may just select 1 colour for Fashion and Marble Balloon)

(2) Select 2 Fashion Balloon Colour

(3) Select 1 Chrome Balloon Colour

(4) Select 2 Marble Balloon Colour

Optional: Add Hi-Float solution inside all the latex balloons to prolong the floating time.
In average, the helium latex balloon without treatment stay afloat for approximately 8 - 10 hours. By using Hi-Float, it will double the floating time.

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Please Choose:
Supershape Design Selection

Add One More Supershape

Select Your Color Choice

Chrome Latex Color

Marble Latex Color

Add HiFloat


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